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How was the hermetic grain/ coffee beans bags reduce the corp waste?

April 04,2018

Qingdao JTD manufacturer supplies the hermetic airtight seal coffee beans storage bags with a variety capacity, such as 20kg, 45kg, 60kg, 69kg, 90kg and so on. The bags was made from ultra barrier multilayers polyethlene, It used as the inner poly bags to storage the agriculture grain beans products. 

This grain storage bags are able to reduce the oxygen rate and increase the gas rate in the bags with commodities, It will be provide a fresh circle environment for the storage products, The ultra barrier property also could be keeps the oxygen out. The bags water transaction permeability will be enhance the freshness keeping property. The bags comes with super strength and with pucture resistant and extra durable in storage the heavy products. 

Locks in aroma. Protects sensitive grain beans food.

Matntains flavour and inherent quanlity.

Hydrocarbon free.

High temperature tolerance (-30 .C to 90 .C)

High resistance to oil and solvents.

Recyclable and eco friendly 

Provides transparency and heat maintenance

No need to use pesticide or insecticide

The bags used to be packaging for the maize, grain, rice, coffee beans, cocoa beans, paddy, lentils, millet, wheat, spices and so on, The bags could be extend the products shelf life in store and save the cost for the packaging bags. 

When the agriculture corp comes again, please choose this hermetic bags for your farmers, The best storage bags to keep the commodity in it and reduce the corp waste. 

Any other questions and details please contact us with no doubt. 

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