JTD customized inverted pouches upside down

JTD makes the new design inverted pouches upside down. This inverted pouch is the alternative method for plastic bottles, it will decrease the packaging cost and save the space of the store. They are adding more value to pouches by developing customized values that maintain the viscosity and quality of squeezable food products.

Advantages of inverted pouches.

Flexible packaging solutions have led to innovation in the inverted pouches market. Manufacturers are aiming to gain long-term business stability by increasing the availability of novel inverted pouches for ultra-high temperature processing and pasteurized dairy products. Inverted pouches are growing increasingly popular as a real asset for merchandising. Easy storage of inverted pouches is another key factor driving the inverted pouches market

Additionally, companies are undertaking research to understand consumer psychology. Manufacturers are spreading awareness about advantages of inverted pouches among food manufacturers to boost product uptake.


Inverted Pouches Usage:


Sauces & Condiments

Salad Dressings



Personal Care

Inverted Pouches Capacity:


50ml, 100ml, 150, 250ml, 500ml. 1000ml. 

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