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How to distinguish genuine biodegradable bags from counterfeit bags

May 21,2018

I believe you must wanna know how to distinguish the real 100% biodegradable bags from the fake ones. But ypu have to know what is 100% biodegradable & compostable bags? 

Normally the 100% biodegradable bags was made from plant-based polylactic acid (PLA). It is plastic free, tree free, renewable and nature raw material. It is contains no plastic, so the point is 100% bio bags was contains no plastic. Please following me.

1, The sound, Compared your 100% biodegradable bags with your ear, rubbing the bags first. If it is bio bags, its sound was gentle, it cannot be heard clearly at a long distance from your ear, But if it is plastic, the sound was crispy.

2, The touch feeling. Touch the bags with your hand, bio bags was soft, warm and gentle, but plastic was kind of harder and colder.

3, The smells. Bio bags have the fragrance of starch, but plastic have the chemical smells. 

4, The color. Bio bags always was with low clarity, most of them was milky and light yellow, kinds of corn starch original color, But plastic was clear and translucent. 

5, The flame. Light the bio bags, the flame was blue,  no smell and no dark smoke, Light the plastic, it was disgusting smells and black smoke. 

6, Taste it and chewing. It is chewable for the bio bags, But it is not for plastic, plastic will be always plastic no matter how sharp your teeth are!

7, Testing it by water. Bio bag will sink into the bottom, But plastic bag will floating on the water. 

The direct and simple way to test and distiguish the real bio bag is by the 5, 6, and 7 method, simple, crud but effective. 

Do you have any other better way to test it? looking forward to receiving your message. The above ways just waht i am testing. By the way, please trust the science. The techonical datas is the most persusave.

I am Bella. I am always do what i live to do. I received some samples from customer and he told me that is the fully compostable bags, he wanna us made the same bags as that one, but when i received it, i am shocked cause that is plastic material. So, this is why i wanna to teach you distinguish the good bio bag from the bad, not only cause it will be save your cost, but also cause it will save our earth. Will update to you the following test pictures and videos to you. If you cannot wait please contact us directly. 

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