Qingdao Jintiandi Plastic manufacturer focused on to solve the daily used flexible plastic packaging problerms as well as the industrial use plastic bags.

Are you looking for the smell proof plastic Mylar bags factory?

March 26,2018

If you are looking for the factory who are able to support you branded your market in your packaging, please noted that we will help you a lot. 


1, Cause we are professional in the flexible packaging industry. We own our own facility with advanced high speed automatic printing machine and cutting machine. 

2, We have our own designers to help you made the artwork lay out.

3, Quality control with professional QS.

4, On time delivery. No delay for your need.

5, Satisfied customers service. We always here to support you.

Does our smelly proof bags really odors proof? Absolutely yes. This smelly proof bags was made from double layer compound material with barrier film. It comes with realizable airtight seal zipper. It is the best choice for you to store your flavor products I such bags. Such as herbs, cannabis. Or tobacco.

Call us now to order your odors proof Mylar bags.

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