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What's the difference for aluminum foil and PA+PE packaging pouch

December 12,2019

The aluminum foil packaging bag is a composite bag containing aluminum foil, and the material of the vacuum packaging bag is not aluminum foil. This is the difference between an aluminum foil bag and a composite bag vacuum bag. Secondly, they also have some differences in material.

The film substrate of the vacuum packaging bag has outer layer printable films BO, PA, BO, PET, BOPP, inner layer heat-sealable film is CPPPE and co-extruded film. Aluminum foil is usually used as an intermediate layer material, and the plastic barrel sealing machine is compounded into a composite film through glue.

The structure of the aluminum foil packaging bag is PET / PA / PE or CPPPET / AL / CPPPA / AL / CPPPET / PA0 / AL / CPP.

PE in aluminum foil packaging bags is suitable for use at low temperatures, CPP is suitable for cooking at high temperatures. PA is to enhance the physical strength and puncture resistance of aluminum foil bags, and aluminum foil is to increase the barrier properties of aluminum foil bags

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