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Non fossil fuel based plastic pouches- biodegradable standing up pouches

August 16,2019

1, Why the biodegradable pouches much slowly proceed than bio shopping bags in the market?

Nothing, Just cause it is hard to produce with multiple processes for laminated with bio-based material, And then the bio material's property is not same as plastic, so it needs thousands of times tests and improved for the machines and materials. 

2, Will the biodegradable stand up pouches come with the same capability compared with plastic pouches?

Not exactly, The material is different, so the property is a difference. 

1, Heat sealable. Bio stand up pouches is heat sealable as plastic, but it is not better than plastic, when the temperature out of controls, then it is super easy to break up the biomaterial.

2, Barrier property. This biodegradable pouch is only used for food packaging that the shelf life within 12 months, If you need the shelf life for more than 12 months, then we suggest you choose the plastic. 

3, High-temperature resistance. Please keep your biodegradable pouches under 100℃, it cannot be boiling in the water and steam at high temperature.  

4, Water vapor transmission rate, Higher water transmission than plastic.

5, Others. 

3, Is this bio pouch is 100% compostable?

Yes, it is, It is made from renewable and nature polyacid biomaterial, no fossil fuel material, Food contact directly. 

Custom printed and branded made are available. If you are looking for a new bag instead of plastic, then it is your best choice. 

For more info and technical data please reach of us with no doubt.  

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