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Oops, It is legal that grow marijuana in China

July 22,2019

In the perception of most people that cannabis, like poppy, cannot be grown in China because it is known that these are the raw materials for making drugs.

But you may not know that there is an industrial cannabis that can be grown in China.

Industrial marijuana can be roughly divided into recreational marijuana and medical marijuana. Non-industrial marijuana is a raw material that can be used to make drugs.

In the past, Canada allowed the legalization of marijuana consumption to be the category of entertainment marijuana, where marijuana sales were very good, even the stores that were licensed to sell said that the forecast was insufficient, the stocking was less, and the people who queued to buy were robbed!

The industrial marijuana that China is allowed to grow is obviously medical marijuana, and it needs strict approval!

Industrial cannabis refers to cannabis with a THC content of less than 0.3%. It is widely used in medicine, food and health care, agricultural planting, and feed. Industrial cannabis is usually planted from March to April and harvested from October to November. The processing industry cannabis leaf project is a special licensing project. Yunnan Province is the main producing area of industrial cannabis in China. It is also the only province in China that allows and regulates industrial cannabis cultivation and processing in the form of regulations. It is the most suitable area for domestic industrial cannabis cultivation. The only domestic resource and raw material resources with industrial development.

Therefore, we must be soberly aware that China's approval of cannabis cultivation is medical marijuana! There is no use-value in the preparation of drugs!

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