Mushroom grow bags

Make your mushroom spawn easy and reduce the cost. It could be withstand 121 degrees steam sterilization. The filter patch allows the gas exchange and prevent the passage of contaminants.

This autoclavable spawn bags was attached with a micro-porous filter patch that allows the gas exchange but prevents the passage of contaminants. It was an economic substute to canning jars, So it could reduce a lot of cost and affordable for your mushroom growth.

The most improtant is the mushroom bags can be sterilized in the steam sterilization machine and up to 121 degrees.

Product Name:Mushroom spawn bagsSize:230mm x 500mm +12mm
Thickness:60 micronMOQ10,000pcs
Unit Price:US$ 0.1Features:Oxygen Barrier, Moisture Proof, Keep Fresh
Usage:Mushroom growingProduction Time:15~20 Days
OEM Service:AcceptedPackaging:2000pcs/carton

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