Customized Zipper Pill Pouches

JTD pack accept customized pill pouches production. The sizes can be customized produced as customers reques. Our pill organizer baggies are the perfect travel companion! Aside from the obvious use as a way to organize your pills, these organizer pouches have a multitude of uses: storing stamps, buttons, floss, hard candy

These clear small plastic baggies not only let you easily determine the contents at-a-glance, but they also feature a small white write-on space for you to write either the day of the week, the contents of the bag pouches or someone’s name to specify who the bag belongs to.

Our re-sealable, reusable clear plastic bags are made of low-density polyethylene. They do not contain latex and is BPA-free, which means the contents of the bag will not permeate the bag’s plastic, which could lead to potential contamination.

Our travel baggies are spill-proof, moisture-resistant and reusable, which makes them perfect for travel. The airtight seal and secure lock ensure your vitamins & supplements will not leak, spill out or become contaminated by outside variables.

Whether you’re a frequent flyer, commuting on the train to work, or a busy mom trying to juggle everyone’s vitamins and pills, our travel pouches will help you stay organized and keep everything in its place.

Products Name:Small Ziplock Plastic Bags for Pills
Material:FDA approved LDPE
Pills, buttons packaging
Lead Time 7 days

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