Flat Coffee Roaster Bags With E-Zip

Combining the advantages of the traditional side gusseted bag and those of stand-up pouch makes these a great fit for any product! The flat bottom pouches allow even the lowest density product to sit securely on the shelves without ever worrying about tipping over. The paneled look of these bags makes them perfect for graphics, labeling, and hot stamping as well as degassing valve application. Matte and glossy options available to suit various design needs.

FDA approved

Food contact

Al inner liner

Customized printing

Product Name:Flat coffee roaster bagsSize:
Thickness:10~100 micron MOQ:30,000pcs
Unit Price:US$ 0.02~0.9Features:
Eco-friendly, recyclable
Restaurant, events, Shopping Mall, Grocery
Production Time: 15~25 days
OEM Service:WelcomePackaging: 1000pcs/carton

If you wanna make your own coffee brand and if you need your own coffee packaging? Then please contact us by offering more recommendations. Our bags will allow your coffee in fresh. 

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