Poly clear MAP reusuable modified atmosphere inner liners bags for fresh products

This gusseted fresh keeping bags was comes with vent holes on the bags. Fresh produce bags remove ethylene gas to prolong the life and freshness of produce, more than doubling the life expectancy of refrigerated fruits and vegetables. Most fruit and vegetables release ethylene gas after harvest. Exposure to the gas accelerates aging in fruit and vegetables. Unlike ordinary plastic bags,Fresh produce bags breathe so that damaging gases produced by the fresh produce are removed. Our bags minimize moisture formation and inhibit bacteria growth which helps maintain fruit and egetables . Our bags maintain Vitamin C levels. To use the produce bag, pre-cool warm fruit and vegetables in refrigerator before storing in bag. Use a separate bag for each type of produce. Produce to be stored should be fresh, dry and undamaged. Expel air from the bag and close using the enclosed ties and store in the refrigerator

Fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs storage

FDA approved

Use as carton liners

Vent holes 

Customized size

The Experimental data as follows:

Product Name:Temperature(℃):Humidity(%):Preservation time:
Apple 0-290-95300
Mushroom 0-193-9540

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