Sustainable & Recyclable & Reusable Packaging Pouches

Features for recyclable pouches & films: The recyclable film has high transparency and good adhesion for inks and barrier coatings, make it highly versatile and adaptable to different products & manufacturing processes It closely mimics the properties of conventional virgin plastics and can be used for wet and/or oily products, unlike compostable materials

JTD produce the recycling plastic pouches which can improve the functionality, performance, cost-efficiency and ecological credentials at the same time through the use of new materials and technologies. The new recycaled material is reusable, and could reduce the waste. The pouch can be recycled completely, so the plastic remains in the closed material loop (recycle)
Extended shelf lifeConvenience
High product to package ratioPortability
Lightweight means lower transportation costs per pound of productEasy to open and close
Less material to landfills Extended shelf life

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