Twist & Pinch Child Resistant Exit Bags Customization

JTD Pack produce multiple types of child-resistant zip lock mechanisms are at your options. Customized sizes and smell proof bags are OEM production As a professional printed plastic bags manufacturer in China, JTD Pack accept customization plastic bags and pouches for all types of products. And we use food grade BPA free plastic films as raw materials. What’s more, recyclable or biodegradable mylar bags are available in production

1. Food grade standard has been achieved
2. Good-quality zipper, strong heat seal
3. Design and dimension would be depended on customer's preference
4. Accessories would be optional
5. Plastic and kraft paper would be available
5. Surface finish would be matte or not matte decided by customer
6. Products would be able to display in attractive way

7, Smell proof & Child proof

8, Keep for marijuana, weed, flowers, etc

These Bags feature an easy to to identify child proof twisted zipper with space to seal shut for businesses looking to make their packaging tamper evident.  The easy press and seal zipper closes right up just like any standard zipper pouch.  This bag also features a full 100% opaque white layer (non-see through) with pre-printed warnings and simple to understand opening instructions

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