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Water-soluble bags, The new biodegradable material that alternative to plastic

May 28,2019

As a high-tech environmentally friendly material, water-soluble PVA film products own the following characteristics: water-soluble, water-soluble speed can be adjusted, non-toxic and non-polluting; tensile strength and tension are equal or superior to traditional plastic film; high transparency and good gloss; Good oil and solvent resistance, heat sealable, printable; excellent antistatic performance, mainly used in computer embroidery, water transfer and environmental protection packaging.

1. Water-soluble film for the embroidery industry:

A. The elasticity is small, and there is no disconnection when the machine is embroidered;

B. strong tensile, there will be no needle position when the machine is embroidered;

C. Good water solubility (20 ° C), fast melting rate (60 seconds), no residue in the fabric

D. Environmental performance: after dissolution, it becomes water and carbon dioxide;

2. Water-soluble film for the environmentally friendly packaging industry:

A. According to the adjustable water temperature of the water-soluble film, an instant-soluble, high-temperature water-soluble packaging bag can be produced;

B. Mainly used for quantitative packaging of raw materials for chemical products, clothing, inner and outer packaging;

C. Water-soluble packaging bag specifications can be made according to the weight and volume of the packaged articles

Now, More and more products are used the PVA material to making the packaging bags, such as the shopping bags, dogs poop bags, etc. For more info, please contact us.

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