Biodegrdable vacuum doypack pouches with zipper

JTD pack develop the biodegradable pouches with 6 years efforts. Cuz compostable pouches and bio packaging solutions have increasingly been in demand worldwide. We making them the perfect solution for both home and industrial composting! We produce home compostable pouches bags, industry compostable pouches bags and fully recyclable pouches bags! Enquire with us today to find the perfect solution for your packaging demand. Free quote and sample are available!

  • Compostable multilayer material

  • Excellent oxygen and moisture barrier

  • Heat sealable. Vacuum Sealable (Chamber Vacuum Seal Method)

  • Freezer safe

  • Made from compostable laminated film

recyclable stand up pouch

recyclable stand up pouch (2)

recyclable stand up pouch (5)

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