PLA Lined Black Kraft Paper Bags With Clear Window

The PLA lined kraft paper offers eco-friendly compostable property, that do not contains any plastics. High-quality stand-up pouches made from black colored kraft paper. The black kraft paper and the elegant look of the bag support the ecological look

Biodegradable Pouches

  • Kraft paper window bag (PLA inside)

  • Zippers of re-sealable bag make putting in and taking out products easily

  • You can heat seal after manual seal to storage the product

  • 5.5mil thick(one side) thickness

  • Used for coffee; candy; sugar; baking; cookie; snack; leisure food; decorations; accessory and so on

Product namePLA lined black kraft paper pouches
Bag typeResealable stand up pouches
Sizes1/2oz, 1oz, customized

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