Eco-Friendly Water Dissolvable Plastic Bags

The dissolvable plastic bags are the eco-friendly choice to keep the earth clean. It is the alternative choice for the wrapping plastics. It is the new and popular products currently that fully biodegradable.


Dissolvable in water

Food safety

FDA approved 

Product Name:Dissolvable plastic packaging bagsSize:
Thickness:10~100 micron MOQ:30,000pcs
Unit Price:US$ 0.02~0.9Features:
Eco friendly, compostable, bio
Restaurant, events, Shopping Mall, Grocery
Production Time: 15~25 days
OEM Service:WelcomePackaging: 1000pcs/carton

JTD Pack supplies the new & renewable dissolvable plastic bags, It is the new choice to instaed of the plastic bags, such as the shopping bags, vest handle bags, poly tubing, etc. It can be make to lay flat bags or T-shirt bags with different type. Please see more on the video. 

1. Water soluble film for the embroidery industry:


A. The elasticity is small, and there is no disconnection when the machine is embroidered;


B. strong tensile, there will be no needle position when the machine is embroidered;


C. Good water solubility (20 ° C), fast melting rate (60 seconds), no residue in the fabric


D. Environmental performance: after dissolution, it becomes water and carbon dioxide;


2. Water soluble film for environmentally friendly packaging industry:

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