Water Dissolved Shopping Bags _ Biodegradable PVA Bags

The Water-Soluble PVA film has proved to be the most Eco-Friendly material in recent years by environmental protection authorities. The main characteristics of PVA film its excellent gas barrier, 100 fully water-soluble and biodegradable. PVA film has various industrial application and it is widely used in packaging of pesticide, dyes, detergents, biodegradable packaging film for textile and embroidery, food packaging as well as an infectious control in the health industry.

PVA or PVOH resin is one kind of water-soluble polymer materials produced by using water-soluble polymer as film-forming substrate, adding plasticizer, softening agent surfactant, dispersant, and other auxiliary materials, and through the specific film-forming process. The membrane has good flexibility and isolation of various substances and will quickly dissolve in water and no remain. 

Product Name:Water-soluble shopping bagsSize:
Thickness:10~100 micron MOQ:30,000pcs
Unit Price:US$ 0.02~0.9Features:
Eco-friendly, compostable, bio
Restaurant, events, Shopping Mall, Grocery
Production Time: 15~25 days
OEM Service:WelcomePackaging: 1000pcs/carton

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