Handle Insulated Bag | Thermal Bag | Hot Cold Bag For Delivery

Customized Hot Cold Bag Insulated Thermal Cooler Grocery Size Food Storage Carry Bag. Keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold during the long trip home for transportation. or using this bags out camping dinner. Use multilayers aluminum layers with EPE foam, the take out food bag seals in the heat and moisture of hot foods like barbecue ribs, chicken, or even larger portions of seafood favorites like clams or crab legs


  • • Keeps hot food hot, and cold food cold.

  • • Frozen food stays frozen

  • • Prevents Perishables from spoiling

  • • No ice needed

  • • Reusable

  • • Holds up to 30 Pounds

  • • Ideal for groceries, picnics or take-out pizza

  • • This does not contain any fabric neither inside or outside

  • • It has a thick metallic foil with thermal foam

  • • Pin and hole closure

  •   Saving cost for delivery and packaging. 

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