Plastic Gel Ice Cold Pack For Shipping & Logistics

Our Ice cold packs made from refrigerant, thermoplastic, JTD gel ice packs provide a cost-effective way to keep your cargo cool throughout transit. It designed with durable, leak-proof plastic, our lightweight gel packs are ideal for transporting a wide variety of goods. You can use our ice gel packaging to transport all types of temperature-sensitive goods such as pharmaceuticals and medicals, as well as food items such as meat, cheese, groceries and fresh fruits.

Suitable for many applications, such as medicals, ice cream, cooler prodcuts

Robust leak-proof design, heat sealing strong seams makes it no leakage

Stays colder for longer, cold longer gels assure the time longer

Reusable, you can use it several times

Extended shelf lifeConvenience
High product to package ratioPortability
Lightweight means lower transportation costs per pound of productEasy to open and close
Less material to landfills Extended shelf life

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