Ultra clear high barrier steam sterilizable overwrap bags for IV bags

Qingdao Jintiandi Plastic Packaging Manufacturer of enhances quality of the steam sterilizable bags. It with ultra clarity to see through and heat sealable. Our bags no need to use the laminated film to make the high quality. It have been improved the durability and clean peel features. It was wide used in hospital steam sterilization processes under controlled condition from 121 ℃ to 127℃(250℉ to 260℉)

Ultra clear

High performance polybags for medical steam sterilization 

Steam sterilizable condution from 121℃ to 127℃

Easy peel 

No deformation of the overwrap after high temperature sterilization. 

Product Name:Ultra clear high perforamance poly bag Size:
Thickness:10~200micron MOQ:100,000pcs
Unit Price:US$ 0.02~0.9Features:
Ultra clear, high temperature resistant
Garbaege waste collection
Production Time: 15~25 days
OEM Service:WelcomePackaging: 1000pcs/carton

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