JTD made Extra Large Snack Zipper Bags

HIGH QUALITY, 6 Mill thick, double layer kraft paper, and LLDPE to ensure your food stays fresh and your possessions safe and secure. Plus, they’re transparent so you can check what’s inside and feature a Zip & Close mechanism for hassle-free sealing and protection. Measures 50cm wide x 75cm tall.

FOOD STORAGE, MARINADE. Keep your produce, meats, dog food, vegetables, fruits, and bread freshly stored to lengthen the foods shelf life, and keep open packages covered to prevent the food from going stale or spilling out. The large size is even big enough to fit regular roaster pans so you can easily refrigerate leftovers. Marinade or Brine your meats & roasts simply by double bagging your choice of meats in your favorite sauce.

The extra large zipper bags with 1250px width and 1875px length is used for packaging the large item.

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