JTD customized retortable pouches for food packaging

JTD made the retort pouch could withstand temperatures from 120 ° C to 135 ° C. It is food safety with FDA approved. Retortable stand up pouches are coming with resealable zipper, so consumers do not have to look for a place to store their remaining tuna. These pouches come with a handy zip lock which eliminates the need to buy more storage mediums

Features for retort pouch:

Save space than tunna can

Maintain the color, aroma, taste, and shape of the food.

Save space of storage

Long save time, It could retort in high tempertaure as well as frozen in a low temperature

Save cost as well as save energy, It will save your mony than tin cans

Product Specification

Material12pet 9 foil 15 bopa 70 rcpp
Bag Typethree side seal
Capacity200 grams
ShapeStand up pouch. lay flat bags, or customized
Is It CustomizedNon Customized
Minimum Order Quantity10000 per pouch

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