100% Compostable & Biodegradable PLA Straws For Drinking

We focused on the new biodegradable material making for the eco friendly bags and compostable disposable straws for the drinking use. This 100% biodegradable straws was not contains any chemicals, it is non of any plastic material, food grade and no harm for the environment and animals. When the green straws have a contact with the heat, moisture and bacteria, then the degradation is started. It will be fully compostable in few months.

Fully compostable


BPA free, plastic free

Non-toxic, No chemicals 

Product Name:Qingdao JTD Manufacturer Customized Produced Corn Starch Based PLA Bio Compostable Straws
Size: 7mm x 254mm Or Customized Size
Features:Food Grade, Biodegradable, Eco Friendly, Flexible, Could Be Used In High Temperature.
Type:Flexible Bendy Neck
Compost Time Period:Within 8 months 
Packaging: 100pcs per bag, or 250pcs per bag or as customized
Delivery: By sea, Airmail, Express 
Production time:15~20 Days


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